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Japan Officially Recognizes Bitcoin Payments as Legal Currency

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As of 12:01 local time on Monday, it was announced by the Japan’s Financial Services Agency that the decentralized virtual money would be recognized as a legal tender. This implementation brings debate close to a month in the National Diet and the government’s legislative branch. The debate is centered on whether Bitcoin should be acknowledged, regulated, and accepted in the Asian country.

The first online casino is being opened in Hungary

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Important news comes from Hungary. The local market of gambling services of this country opens a new stage. Finally, the local population will have access to quality and fully legal online gambling services. Prior to this, nothing similar was represented in the local market.

Catena Media has acquired leading sites about gambling in the US and England

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Catena Media has acquired leading sites about gambling in the US and England In the last weeks of this year, the little-known company, Catena Media, is unusual for activity on gambling space. This time this marketing agency, which is located on the beloved many bookmakers in Malta, confirms that they have actually purchased several sites at once. The total of these resources is not just gambling, but also licensing for work in the United States.

Companies in Switzerland saw in the new bill the risk of censorship on the Internet

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Recently, the Swiss population does not support much of the initiatives that local authorities are trying to implement. Not so long ago, in a referendum, it made an unthinkable thing for our mentality: it refused money for money! And now experts and representatives of gambling business warn that another bill, this time dealing with gambling, also causes, to put it mildly, a cool reaction.