5 secrets of casinos that you did not know about

Whats is casino hiding from you? Many people would like to know about this! The owner of one of the New York gaming establishments disclosed the main secrets of the casino. We propose to consider five secrets from the world of gambling, about which none of us could even think.

Secret 1. Gambling clubs affect the economy of their region

It is obvious - where there is a casino, a big tide of capital. Since all such institutions pay taxes, the local budget will only benefit. In addition, clubs provide workplaces for people whose salaries are quite high.

Secret 2. The card of the regular visitor - the player's trump card

The secret of the casino game is that a person can get even more advantages with a client card. After all, the game club does not just watch your activity, but rewards it. For example, regular customers are offered additional bonuses, taxis, a free hotel room at the casino or cashback.

Secret 3. American players lose the most

This is statistics! US players lose the most in the world. Despite this, more than 80% of Americans are constantly playing! What do casino owners think about it? The president of the New York institution noted that "Clubs are built in such a way as to ultimately win." It's just business. "

Secret 4. Casino does not need a player to make unreasonable bets

Surprisingly, the game club does not want his visitor to lose everything immediately after the first visit to the institution. After all, then the player may not return. In addition, there are certain norms of decency, when, with great losses, society reacts too violently to this event. That the atmosphere is not heated, and the players feel comfortable, clubs do not need excessive rates, which will lead to huge losses.

Secret 5. Casinos use tricks to detain a player

Clubs need you to stay in the game as long as possible. For this they study human psychology, creating the design of halls, slots. For example, if you look at the secrets of online casinos, then their owners use the most attractive colors, flashing lights. Even the musical accompaniment can leave a person in the game even longer.

These are the main secrets of gambling establishments that every player should know about. We recommend taking a great interest in gambling with the mind and choosing only the best clubs.