At the beginning of the year Alfastreet presented new product

The new game is called Multi Touch Roulette. It is fully automated, has a central monitor of 65 inches and the ability to play for eight participants. The developer notes that some of the competitors-developers have already made attempts in sales of similar products, but due to weak design and low level of reliability, this idea could not be realized.

The product, presented by Alfastreet, absorbed all the experience of developing electronic entertainment and advanced IT-technologies. The graphic solution is represented by colorful professional animation. And, in addition, Multi Touch Roulette is the only game to date, providing as many as 8 gaming points in such a compact and convenient format. It can be run both in automatic and in normal mode, personalized for each specific entourage of the institution, and the main advantages of the game are 100% security and ease of use.

The game is compatible with other systems, bets are displayed on the general screen field, and in the process of playing the information provided allows you to think over the most effective strategy for the game process. Multi Touch Roulette was presented in London only in the beginning of this year, but by popularity it has already exceeded expectations, having settled in the institutions of the USA, Europe and Asia.