Changing gambling legislation in Germany

Disputes around the gambling sector of Germany have been going on for years, and now, finally, it happened - the heads of all sixteen lands could still come to a common denominator and agree on improving regulation of the online gambling industry. The new version of the legislation will be more in line with European requirements and norms.

Now all the German lands will work towards changing the gambling legislation adopted back in 2012

The result of the conference was, in fact, the creation of a new structure that would allow licensing of online operators. Now all the German lands will work towards changing the gambling legislation adopted back in 2012. As practice has shown, it is absolutely inefficient and unable to create the necessary conditions for doing business.

According to the CalvinAyre website, the legislation passed a few years ago limited the number of operators eligible for a license and work on the Internet. There could be no more than twenty. This part, by the way, was most negatively perceived by European bodies, operators and other interested parties. And the Administrative Chamber ruled that such a decision was a violation of the EU norm on freedom of service provision. After all, considering the fact that the German market is one of the most profitable and well-known, it is not surprising that the limitation of the number of licenses was perceived negatively.

The authorities tried to maintain the original plan without significant changes and simply doubled their number to forty, but a continuous line of legal proceedings still did its job. And in the future licenses will be issued without any restrictions and the requirements will be minimal.

The plan, which retains the restrictions, was largely lobbied by the lottery group LOTTO Hamburg, which is governed by the state. During the period of this artificial limitation, the operator managed to achieve good financial success. However, now it is likely that most or even all of the 73 operators that required a work permit will receive it and compete in the market.

After the publication of the press release, the German association DSWV, engaged in sports betting, has already called it encouraging. The initiative to remove borders, including interstate initiatives, was accepted with open arms. "The new legislation will work on a new principle. The state's monopoly on sports betting should not just be temporarily suspended, but rather completely abolished, "said DSWV President Matthias Dams.