Companies in Switzerland saw in the new bill the risk of censorship on the Internet

Recently, the Swiss population does not support much of the initiatives that local authorities are trying to implement. Not so long ago, in a referendum, it made an unthinkable thing for our mentality: it refused money for money! And now experts and representatives of gambling business warn that another bill, this time dealing with gambling, also causes, to put it mildly, a cool reaction.

On the eve of the official statement, the representatives of the organization made a speech with an astonishing and unsettling language: Schweizerischer Wirtschaftsverband der Information, Kommunikation und Organisationstechnik (it is preferable to call it the short abbreviation SWICO.) They categorically made it clear that they do not support the plans announced by the government recently to introduce Certain restrictions on operations associated with international gambling platforms.Since the fact that SWICO represents about four hundred organizations and firms that specialize In the high-tech business and have a total turnover of about $ 20 billion a year, the view of this association is quite difficult to ignore.

Members of this Swiss business association uniting the leading made a public statement with a sharp condemnation of the bill. In it, SWICO saw the sprouts of Internet censorship. And this, as follows from the text of the appeal, threatens with threats to online activity, first of all, in the security sections, as well as the digital economy.

The reason for such an acute reaction of representatives of the Swiss business was the latest debate in the national parliament. The law is now being examined in the lower house. When it is put into effect, it is intended to restrict activities within the country, in the broadest sense, of foreign websites.

As the representatives of the association logically indicate in their message, with the current level of knowledge that most Internet users own, any proposed restrictions will be avoided without any special problems. That is, instead of achieving the set, noble, by the way, goals, as a result, conditions will be created that will only help the intensification of criminal behavior in the global network. As the experts predict, because of the defensive reaction of Internet users to such events, which they call "censorship" without any hesitation, the Swiss government faces the risk of not receiving important information about how the clients of online services behave. Hence the conclusion is made about the creation of an optimal environment for various cybercriminals.

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