The American senator described how the law on gambling can be reformed

The United States continues to actively discuss laws that govern the provision of gambling services. This time the focus was Pennsylvania - here we are considering a draft of a new legislative act, which is going to revise the tax rate on gambling.

Jay Costa, a senator from the state, in his last interview, personally discussed with the journalists concerned the bill. As it became known directly from the politician, when accepting the norm, gambling will become completely legal on the territory of the law. But for this you have to pay a lot of taxes. After lengthy discussions it was decided to set the bar at a rate of 25 percent, and they will be charged on the total income. The senator admitted that the option was on the agenda with 16%, but he comforted the interested parties by the fact that they refused from the option with 54!

In addition, Jay Costa said that his bill spelled out the rate for obtaining a license for online casinos or bookmakers. The first will cost 10, the second - 5 million dollars! This is more than the figure in the primary version (8 and 2). In addition, it is written that the permit will work only for 1 calendar year from the date of issue.

There is in the text of the proposed law and the so-called amendment on the games on the territory of airports. According to her, this innovation will be extended to two cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. They, more precisely, their "air gates", will participate in a curious experiment. The first 5 years after the introduction of changes in force here in the so-called test mode will be allowed to openly conduct gambling.

In general, the American Gaming Association is optimistic - they hope for liberalization after Donald Trump, not someone else's industry person, will take a new position. The Association publicly named the topics that it considers necessary to discuss as soon as possible with the new presidential administration. This is the fight against illegal games and money laundering, but with the abolition of a general, federal ban on sports betting, and tax reform, and investment in infrastructure, and so on.

Whitaker Esquiu, vice president of AGA, assured in the last interview that Trump as president would definitely be "directly influencing the gaming industry" in his policy. How to say it is difficult even for experts to say, because the team of the new US head is rather diverse, both hot supporters and principled opponents of any changes in this sphere have weight in it.

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