The most gambling nation

Australians are recognized as the most gamblers in the world

A consulting company called H2 Gambling Capital conducted research on the gambling market and came to this conclusion. The researchers proceeded from the following data.

Every adult Australian left on the accounts of an online casino for $ 990

Last year, on average, every adult Australian left on the accounts of an online casino for $ 990. In Australia, online poker is the most popular game. The gamblers who take part in it have a distinctive feature from the rest of the nationalities: they manage to lose $ 1150 during an hour (though this is the maximum figure). The stakes of players in other countries are more limited.

Following the Australians quite unexpectedly is the republic, located in Southeast Asia - Singapore. To this state, researchers from H2 Gambling Capital awarded an honorable second place in the ranking of the most gambling countries. Moreover, the percentage gap between the Australian and Singaporean residents amounted to as much as 40%. The last - the third - place in the gambling rating quite unexpectedly occupied Ireland, a country with a population of only 4.5 million people.

According to experts, the undisputed leader in terms of lost funds is the United States. Americans can entertain themselves like no other nation, leaving 12-digit amounts in the casino. In 2016, they lost $ 117 billion.