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At the beginning of the year Alfastreet presented new product

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The new game is called Multi Touch Roulette. It is fully automated, has a central monitor of 65 inches and the ability to play for eight participants. The developer notes that some of the competitors-developers have already made attempts in sales of similar products, but due to weak design and low level of reliability, this idea could not be realized.

The most gambling nation

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Australians are recognized as the most gamblers in the world. A consulting company called H2 Gambling Capital conducted research on the gambling market and came to this conclusion. The researchers proceeded from the following data. Last year, on average, every adult Australian left on the accounts of an online casino for $ 990.

New casino from EGO

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At the London partner conference in 2017, EGO plans to present a fundamentally new casino. According to the leaders of the partner program, with the advent of this product for the casino will open a new game world.

Changing gambling legislation in Germany

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Disputes around the gambling sector of Germany have been going on for years, and now, finally, it happened - the heads of all sixteen lands could still come to a common denominator and agree on improving regulation of the online gambling industry.

Betchain - a casino that provides high quality gambling

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BetChain is one of the most famous online casinos Bitcoin. BetChain provides the highest quality gambling. They offer over 200 titles, including all classic ones, such as Blackjack, Roulette, 3D Slots and more. They welcome players from all over the world, including the United States. Honest and licensed.