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The idea of betting on a Bitcoin casino is not the newest trend in casino gaming, but Mbit Casino is well-aware of this pressing issue. In this rewiew Mbit casino the actual truth is Mbit Casino wanted to stand out from the crowd and they did so quite efficiently. This is because the interface was the innovator of the live dealer in Bitcoin casinos. That is, online gamblers aren’t just looking at computer animated graphics throughout their gaming experience. They’re actually playing along with live croupiers who are broadcasting live from Eastern Europe within a professionally designed television studio.

If you are an avid player, you will know the real struggles of finding a reliable and secure platform to play at. And quite frankly, there are tons of potholes on the internet these days and one can easily be fooled into partaking and investing in scam and false gaming websites. But don’t get discourage just yet because if there are illicit  websites out there, there are also those that are actually reliable, definitely secure and above all, truly legit gaming websites.

Instead of just staring at faceless images of a virtual card table or some animated roulette wheel, players will have their actions accompanied by a human dealer who literally deals cards and spins the roulette wheel as appropriate. There is also some opportunity for a bit of interaction on behalf of the dealers, too. Most of the time when players enter games, the croupier will greet them by name. This is especially true of the high stakes tables, where there is more of an “incentive” for the dealers to be especially nice to players in order to keep them involved in the game (and thus exposing more of their BTC bankroll to the casino!)

Bitcoin is becoming a popular choice for playing online. Playing using Bitcoins allow players all over the world to conveniently and securely play with actual funds without having to deal with regional restrictions imposed by gaming platforms and banking institutions.

In order for players to participate on Mbit casino, they first need to deposit Bitcoins from their personal wallet into the casino bankroll. This is done through the “deposit” prompt located at the top of the website, where players will be shown a randomly generated Bitcoin address associated with the casino and their personal accounts. From there, players access their Bitcoin wallet through the manager of their choice, then make the transfer to the casino’s bankroll. Deposits can take up to 30 minutes to be made available to players, but transfers are almost always instant.

When betting along with the live dealers, players will do so through an Adobe Flash applet. This is a common piece of software that is widely and freely available for download. It’s usually already installed on many computers, given the prevalence of Flash-based videos like those found on popular media sites like YouTube. Fortunately, the applet didn’t place any significant demand on our system while testing it. We were able to play along with the live croupiers and didn’t experience anything by the way of framerate stutter or slowdowns in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It’s likely that this experience would repeat itself for the majority of modern computer systems in current circulation. It isn’t the most demanding website out there, so don’t fret if you’re worried about your system not being able to keep up. Chances are, it will as it was tested on relatively low specification hardware!

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